NDIS Service Providers

MOIRA is a values and mission driven not-for-profit organisation known for personal and empathetic customer service. We ensure NDIS invoices are paid both quickly and accurately, letting you concentrate on service delivery.

We provide:

  • A comprehensive, supportive service that allows NDIS participants to maintain choice and control of their NDIS plan
  • Industry leading payment times
  • Experienced staff
  • A fast and easy online registration process for your clients
  • Regular funding statements to help participants track spending

An industry leader

MOIRA work closely with both NDIS participants and service providers to achieve positive outcomes. Take a look at our latest video to see these relationships in action.

“Working with MOIRA’s Finance Department is an enjoyable experience. Their customer service is second to none and exceeds our expectations in that regard.”
– Rabin Bangaar, Finance Manager Community Solutions
“At State Trustees, we know how integral it is to ensure that our client's finances are managed with respect. Working with MOIRA we have been able to help develop better outcomes for the clients regarding their personal finances”
– Kirsty Garlick, NDIS Team Leader
“We have been working with MOIRA for over 7 years and have always valued their open communication with service providers.”
– Peter Chen, Director
“The professionalism, helpfulness and knowledge of MOIRA’s Plan Management team has made them a pleasure to deal with. We look forward to continuing our relationship with MOIRA Plan Management to achieve desired outcomes.”
– Aaron Dimitropoulos, Finance Manager
Thanks to MOIRA's Relationship Team and the Chargeback Agreement, we feel more secure when delivering support to plan managed participants (at least for those managed by MOIRA).”


Financial Plan Management is able to process and claim payments on behalf of an NDIS participant under the following conditions:

  • The related NDIS participant is an active Financial Plan Management participant and holds an active, in date, NDIS plan.
  • The NDIS plan includes funding for the services rendered and the service area is designated as ‘Plan Managed’ within a participants plan.
  • The invoice received by Financial Plan Management conforms to the NDIA Price Guide.

MOIRA Financial Plan Management have developed an invoicing fact sheet for providers with guidelines on submitting invoices in the correct format. Click here to take a look  If you have any other questions regarding issuing an invoice for payment the Financial Plan Management team is here to help and available via 1300 666 472.

When MOIRA Financial Plan Management receives invoices directly from service providers, we always request authorisation as a level of protection and control for the participants and providers we work with. Choice and control are fundamental to the NDIS model and by adding a level of authorisation Financial Plan Management ensure that participants have control over their supports and spending.

Participants are asked to confirm that any invoice received relates to services or supplies rendered and can confirm this either via email or a verbal authorisation via telephone.

MOIRA Financial Plan Management has a robust systems in place to ensure that invoices are authorised and paid promptly.

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