Targeted Care Packages

What is a Targeted Care Package (TCP)?

A Targeted Care Package (TCP) provides individualised and flexible supports that better meet the needs of children and young people. A TCP provides targeted supports to children and young people in transitioning from residential care and establishing more appropriate living arrangements, or to sustain their current living arrangement . A TCP is intended to support children and young people to be safe and secure within a stable living arrangement, where they can work towards their own goals and participate in daily activities that children and young people need for healthy development.

TCPs are implemented alongside the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) and in collaboration with other youth services to develop innovative, flexible and creative solutions and support that responds to individual needs, goals and wishes.

TCP Eligibility

There are two groups of children and young people that may be eligible for a Targeted Care Package, which include those:

1. At risk of entering residential care; or

2. Currently in residential care

Only children and young people that are subject to a Child Protection order are eligible for a TCP.

How does a package support young people?

A child or young person needs to be eligible for a Targeted Care Package before the allocation of a Key Worker through Your Journey. You can ask your Child Protection Practitioner to see if you are eligible for a TCP with Your Journey.

Once on a TCP with Your Journey, we will allocate a Key Worker who will work closely with you to:

  • Develop and build upon your life and living skills
  • Provide support towards education and employment goals
  • Support connection with the community, in line with your hobbies and interests
  • Link with specialist services best suited to help you
  • Make sure your voice and wishes are heard