Access your NDIS plan information 24/7

Developed collaboratively with support coordinators, participants, and industry experts, the FPM Portal offers a seamless online experience. This secure platform provides a centralised hub for 24/7 access to your NDIS funds, accessible from anywhere in Australia.

Review, track and authorise invoices at the click of a button

Track and monitor your NDIS Plan anywhere, anytime. Receive alerts to help avoid over or underspending your NDIS plan funding.

Easy invoice upload on your device

Simply take a photo of your invoice using your mobile phone and upload it directly into the portal.

Plan and forecast your NDIS spend with ease

Our forecasting tool allows you to plan your spend. The 'MAX' button automatically calculates the maximum amount you can spend each month.

Personal dashboard

Access real time information and budget tracking with our mobile version of the portal.

How does the Portal help me?

Informed by your feedback, our Online Portal provides you with the specific features you need to make the most out of your NDIS funds.

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Access from your Mobile
Be in control of your NDIS plan

Easily access key features and save time with our mobile version of the MOIRA FPM Portal. Specifically designed for Participants and Authorised Representatives.

  • Upload an invoice with ease – simply snap and submit.
  • View and monitor your NDIS funds anytime, anywhere.
  • Maximise your benefits with unique over and underspend tracking.
  • Review and authorise your invoices on the go.
FPM Phone App

Participants & Authorised Representatives

A quick and easy way to manage your NDIS plan. The MOIRA FPM Portal allows you to:

  • Submit, authorise and review invoices at home or on the go from your mobile.
  • Easily view your predicted spending and maximise your NDIS plan with our unique tracking and forecasting tools.
  • Receive monthly notifications about any possible over and underspending to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS plan.
  • Simply request a Core Support Transfer and much more with a click of a button!
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    Support Coordinators

    Our new MOIRA FPM Portal has been specially designed with support coordinators in mind. With our distinct support coordinator view you can:

    • Keep track of all your MOIRA participants’ plan status and switch between participants with a click of a button.
    • Easily view and download invoices
    • Get notified of any possible over and underspending to ensure your participants are making the most of their NDIS plans.
    • Stay on top of your clients’ spending with our unique visual forecasting tool that removes the guesswork and saves you time allowing you to focus on what you do best.

    Simplify your workflow and get started today!


    We know how busy running a business can be, without managing NDIS invoices and payments! The MOIRA FPM Portal allows you to:

    • Easily see the status of all your MOIRAFPM invoices in once place, including what’s in progress with the NDIS, what’s has been queried from the NDIS and what’s paid and when
    • Have 24/7 access to your information, you can even send a query to the MOIRAFPM team via the MOIRAFPM Portal.
    • Save making unnecessary phone calls.
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