Safety net against incorrect invoicing

Over the years, we've had many conversations with NDIS participants, their supporters and people in the industry. One thing that we kept hearing about was the frustrating amount of time it was taking to pay service providers. We didn't want to put our participants' NDIS funds at risk by simply removing the need for their authorisation.

So, we introduced Chargeback.

Chargeback is an arrangement that fast-tracks eligible service providers' invoices without needing authorisation, and has added safeguards to protect your NDIS funds. If there’s a mistake on an invoice or a substantiated dispute over services, providers on our Chargeback agreement will reimburse the funds, no problem!

We know how important fast payments are to both participants and providers. We also know that ensuring control and protection of NDIS funds is paramount. To deliver the best of both worlds for the participants and providers we work with, we offer a unique Chargeback arrangement with some of Australia’s leading disability service providers. MOIRA’s unique Chargeback arrangement streamlines the NDIS claims and payments process by providing even faster payments to providers, whilst also protecting against fraudulent or incorrect invoices.

Speak to our team about becoming a Chargeback provider.

How does it work?

Eligible chargeback providers send NDIS invoices directly to MOIRA in a single payment run, with confidence they will be paid the next business day.

To keep things moving smoothly, participants are not required to authorise or approve invoices issued from these eligible providers, although a reference invoice will still be sent so participants still have the opportunity to check the invoice.

If a participant or authorised representative believes there's an issue or inconsistency with any invoices received, the chargeback agreement enables MOIRA to return the funds to the participant’s NDIS plan.

Benefits of Chargeback

Same-day invoice processing

We claim your invoices the same day we receive it.

Same-day reporting and validation

Providers will know the status of their invoice claim the same day its submitted.

Protection of participant’s funds

No need to compromise the protection of your NDIS funds for even faster payment times - we offer you both.

"Thanks to MOIRA FPM’s Relationship Team and the Chargeback Agreement, we feel more secure when delivering support to plan managed participants"

- Charity B, Complete Nursing and Home Care

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