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Starting life as a private hospital specialising in the care of children living with disability, MOIRA Financial Plan Management (FPM) has a long history spanning over 60 years within the disability sector. Working closely with State and Commonwealth government departments, local government and service providers, MOIRA FPM has extensive experience delivering client, community and family-centred programs.

MOIRA FPM responds to individual needs with experience, flexibility and care. Building on our success as the sole financial intermediary service for Victoria's Individual Support Packages (ISP) model, MOIRA FPM is at the forefront of NDIS innovation since inception of the Scheme. We continue to support many thousands of NDIS participants and service providers in the NDIS.

Who are we?

Discover more about MOIRA FPM from the perspective of team members, participants and providers.

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MOIRA Financial Plan Management - At a glance

Fast payment times

Your invoices benefit from same business day payment from when MOIRA receives the payment from the NDIS.

Flexible Invoice Authorisation (IAO)

You can choose to authorise every invoice or have invoices up to an unlimited value processed without authorisation.

Fraud Protection of your NDIS funds

We offer many levels of protection to protect your NDIS funds from incorrect billing, theft and fraud. We ensure the highest level of security, protection and online privacy, with all data stored in Australia.


An easy and convenient way to monitor your NDIS funds in one place and can be accessed from any device, 24/7, anywhere in Australia. You can view and authorise invoices, track and monitor your spending, forecast and plan your budget.

Easy access to an experienced and multilingual team

We specialise in Plan Management and are experts at navigating the NDIS. Our team helps people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and are committed to breaking language barriers.

The MOIRA Difference

Our unique Chargeback arrangement
This arrangement pays eligible service providers, without the need for authorisation and has additional safeguards to protect your NDIS funds. If there’s a mistake on an invoice or a dispute over services, providers on our Chargeback agreement will reimburse the funds. There’s no need to compromise the protection of your NDIS funds for fast payment times - we offer you both.

Invoice Authorisation Options (IAO)
All MOIRA participants have the choice to fast-track the processing of their invoices without the need for authorisation up to their chosen amount of $1,000, $2,500 or unlimited.

Our FPM Portal 
We co-designed our portal with support coordinators, participants and industry professionals. Some of the advantages of the portal include:

  • Intuitive, simple and easy to use, accessible from your desktop or mobile anytime, anywhere in Australia.
  • Your personal dashboard - real time information and budget tracking.
  • Review, track and authorise invoices at the click of a button.
  • Alerts to help avoid over or underspending your NDIS plan funding.
  • Project your NDIS plan spending with an easy to use forecasting tool.


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