MOIRA Financial Plan Management

We help manage, maximise and protect your NDIS funds.

Our experienced team, fast payment times, online client portal and unmatched levels of protection ensure you're always on track with your NDIS budget.

We've been supporting people living with disability for over 60 years and here is what we do best:

  • Remove the hassle of processing NDIS invoices, making claims and payments to providers on your behalf, leaving you with more time to concentrate on what’s important to you.
  • Protect your NDIS funds - We understand the potential impact of not having access to funds through incorrect billing, theft or even fraud. Our innovative systems and services offer unmatched protection of your funds.
  • Stay on top of your NDIS budget. Our MOIRA FPM Portal, co-designed with participants and support coordinators, makes it easy to track and manage your NDIS plan. There’s even a handy forecasting tool.

Plan Management costs you nothing nor does it reduce funding from any other NDIS supports. It’s a separately funded support by the NDIS and available to all participants.

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 I really feel MOIRA takes the time and effort to explain things to me. Everything is simple, clear and easy.

- L Baker (Clickability Review)

 I have compared a lot of other plan managers, and this is by far. I love how they send an email asking if you want to authorise or refuse.This is so important so I can keep track of how it's all being spent.

- Marena (Google Review)

 MOIRA staff are always very helpful, approachable and friendly when you call. It's like chatting with a good friend.

- J Jaye (Clickability Review)

 If I have any questions I just give them a call and they point me me in the right direction. This extremely helpful.

- Pat (Google Review)

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