Portal Disclaimer

Plan Overview Table

The chart below relies on information from the NDIS portal. The table is limited to invoices which have been paid or successfully claimed (eg Invoice Partially Paid and Invoice Fully Paid).

Invoices Summary

The table does not include invoices recently sent to MOIRA for processing. The table does not include invoices which relate to supports that MOIRA does not plan manage for you.

FPM Portal Reports for Participants and Authorised Representatives

Important information: Whilst every attempt has been made to reflect an accurate position, there are some conditions/limitations you need to be aware of when reviewing this report:

  • The details in this report are derived from the NDIS Portal. The accuracy of this report relies on the accuracy of the NDIS Portal;
  • If you have not transitioned to the new NDIA PACE system, your original NDIS approved plan may differ from the Total Plan Managed Amount. This may be as a result of your current NDIS plan undergoing a review with the NDIS or if you had another plan manager;
  • If you have transitioned to the NDIA PACE system, you will see your ‘Plan Allocated Amount’. This shows the total approved amount for each Support Category instead of only what MOIRA can claim. The ‘Spent Amount’ under the NDIA PACE system reflects the total spent amount, including amounts paid by any previous plan manager, not just MOIRA. Please note that due to the limitation of NDIA PACE system, you may face a delay in your plan information being updated;
  • This report only includes Support Categories that are Plan Managed by MOIRA. It excludes Self-Managed and NDIA Managed supports;
  • This report does not take into account invoices that are yet to be received or processed by MOIRA;
  • This report excludes NDIS Plan Management service fees;
  • MOIRA does not provide financial advice regarding your personal circumstances. In particular, MOIRA does not provide financial advice regarding the risk of exceeding the amount under your NDIS plan.

If you require assistance to manage your personal finances, please speak to an independent financial planner/counsellor or another qualified individual.