Enhancing Self-Awareness in Parenting

As a parent of a child with a disability there’s often a million things on your mind. Self-awareness isn't always easy when you’re navigating the day to day. Do you ever find yourself asking, I could have responded to or handled that differently?

In this free online workshop we’re delving into enhancing self-awareness in parenting and how it leads to understanding and managing emotions, healthy communication, effective decision-making and creating positive and nurturing environments.

Join expert Coach, Graciela Ramon Michel to explore tools and insights to strengthen the parent-child connection by connecting to you.

What to expect:

Understanding self-awareness

Discover the significance of self-awareness in parenting and how to identify and leverage personal strengths.

Practical tools for effective parenting

Learn how to acknowledge feelings, recognise triggers and manage emotions in challenging parenting situations.

Overcoming limiting beliefs 

Gain insights into the impact of limiting beliefs on parenting and explore strategies to overcome them.

Specialising in supporting parents of children with a disability, expert Coach Graciela Ramon Michel facilitates this two-hour interactive and practical workshop. In a small, group coaching environment you will be guided through reflection exercises to apply concepts in real-life scenarios and open discussions for sharing experiences and insights.  

Date: Thursday 29 February

Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm (AEDT)

Where: Online – Zoom

This session is live only and won’t be recorded.

Graciela Ramon Michel is the founder of Graceful Coaching. As a fully trained life, business, and emotional intimacy coach and an accredited member of the International Coach Guild (IGC), Graciela specialises in supporting parents of children with disability. Her mission and purpose are to help parents connect with themselves and embrace difficult emotions with a loving a positive mindset to create a stronger bond with their children.

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