About Us

We’re here to Connect!

Connect you to a community, to industry experts, and to information and support. Discover ways to feel your best self through a range of free programs and events designed to support health and wellbeing.

We work with:

Parents and carers of children with a disability

People under 65*(Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under 50) living with a chronic health or mental health condition.

Health and community services professionals

Meet our Wellbeing Partners

Image of Steph Geddes

Steph Geddes


Image of Jo Gibbs

Jo Gibbs

Treat™ Healthcare

Image of Nick Laverty

Nick Laverty

Exercise & Movement

Image of Rebecca Lovell

Rebecca Lovell


Image of Graciela Ramon Michel

Graciela Ramon Michel

Coach, Parenting Programs

Image of Dr. Craig Hassed

Dr. Craig Hassed


Image of Ingrid Jones

Ingrid Jones


Image of Tammy Huynh

Tammy Huynh

Horticulture & Gardening

Image of Dr Renee Cachia

Dr Renee Cachia

Psychologist, Parenting Programs

Image of Anja Tanhane

Anja Tanhane

Mindful Movement (Qigong)

Image of Peter Stanislawski

Peter Stanislawski


Image of Alison Gray

Alison Gray

Financial Wellbeing

Image of The Therapy Hub

The Therapy Hub

Mental Health

Image of Warrior One Yoga

Warrior One Yoga


Connect acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.