Culture & Values

To help us realise our vision that people choose what creates their best future, we are guided by six values. At MOIRA we are always:

  • Trustworthy – we act with integrity and finish what we start;

  • Engaging – we demonstrate empathy;

  • Dignified – we believe everyone deserves to be respected;

  • Committed – we provide great service;

  • Innovative – we break it because it’s working;

  • Curious – we know others expand our horizons.

As a culture-first organisation, we understand that a strong culture delivers a much better outcome for the people we support.

MOIRA's strong culture provides a fertile environment for innovation, achievement, and teamwork; this is something we all work hard at every day.

"Our values guide what we do, how we work, and the decisions we make. Everyone at MOIRA knows TED and CIC. We talk about our values a lot, and we aim to live them every day"

- Libby Kelly, Chief People Officer

Diversity and inclusion

We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce contributes to a more innovative, collaborative and high energy culture, and helps us to understand our customers better and resolve issues with different perspectives.


of MOIRA team members identify as having an ongoing disability


of MOIRA team members identify as part of the LGBTIQ+ community


of MOIRA team members identify as women


of MOIRA team members speak a language other than English