Speech Pathology

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new paediatric speech pathology service at Arliam Allied Health!

From July onwards, we'll be helping children with a range of communication needs in the South, South-East and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. And for those further afield, we're excited to offer our services nationally through convenient telehealth consultations.

Does your child struggle with:

  • Making and/or combining sounds in words and sentences?
  • Understanding what other people say using words and sentences to express ideas?
  • Literacy skills, including spelling, reading and writing?
  • Social communication skills?

If you answered yes to any of these, our dedicated paediatric speech pathologists can help! We work closely with children and their families to develop personalised therapy plans that encourage progress and build confidence. 


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What we offer

  • Experienced paediatric speech pathologists
  • Fun and engaging therapy sessions
  • Neuro-diversity affirming approaches

Areas we are currently servicing

Services are available at your home, school and/or workplace in the following areas.

Melbourne Southern and Eastern Suburbs

Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs

Telehealth Nationally

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