Our Process

At Arliam, we are all about elevating our customer experience. Hence, our process consists of 3 simple steps. If you have any questions regarding our process please email us at alliedhealth@moira.org.au

Step 1 - Referral

Once we receive your referral or enquiry, our operations team will contact you to best understand what you or the person you support, want to achieve and how we can support you to reach your goals.

We will then match you with a therapist whose experience and interests best match your requirements.

Step 2 - Initial Contact

Our Operations Team will contact you to advise who your allocated therapist will be and organise a time for an initial assessment. The initial assessment will allow the therapist to gather relevant information and answer any queries you may have. Based on your goals and the outcomes you want to achieve, a plan will be created in consultation with you, discussing what assessments and interventions will be required and the preferred service location.

Step 3 - Assessments, Interventions and Ongoing Review

Our therapists will complete assessments as planned and provide appropriate evidence-based interventions to assist you or the person you support to reach your goals. Progress will be reviewed regularly, with interventions being adapted and progressed where appropriate, and feedback provided.

Community Services

    Our therapists can see you wherever it is convenient for you, including your home, childcare centres, schools, and workplace. By being able to visit you where your difficulties or challenges occur allows us to provide optimised assessments and interventions.

    Centre Based Services

      We can offer services based at our office located at Level 3/42 Lakeview Dr, Scoresby VIC 3179 for those who wish to visit us.

      Telehealth Services

        Services are also available via telehealth, where we can speak with you at a time that works best for you.

        Areas we are currently serving

        Services are available at your home, school and/or workplace in the following areas.

        Melbourne Bayside Suburbs

        Melbourne Southern and Eastern Suburbs

        Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs

        Telehealth Nationally

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